About Susan Sanderford
Susan is a mystic, intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, author, lecturer and channel of Mother Mary’s words, love, energy and presence.

Born and raised as a Fundamental Christian, Susan’s true spiritual journey began in 1993, when she asked the Holy Spirit to teach her God’s Truth. Life-transforming dreams, visions and mystical experiences that followed eventually opened the door to discover the love of Mother Mary for herself, as-well-as for all the world's children.

Susan’s greatest joy is to introduce others to the profound healing love she has experienced during her personal encounters with Mother Mary.

Promising Divine Spirit they would do anything that was asked of them, Susan and husband Milt have traveled to Bosnia, Brazil, Australia and lived in Orlando, Florida; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Sedona, Arizona; Byron Bay, Australia; and now reside in San Luis, Colorado — all at Spirit’s guiding.

Their many seminars and retreats, as well as thousands of personal phone sessions designed to heal grief and lead people to connect with the Love of the Divine, are all results of that promise to serve.

Susan and Milt have been asked by Jesus and Mother Mary to create the Casa de Santa Maria, an all denominational healing sanctuary in San Luis, Colorado where Mother Mary and her Holy Helper’s presence reside to bring about healing in the lives of her beloved children.
All original Mother Mary icon paintings are available for purchase as well as Giclee Fine Art signed and numbered prints, of varying sizes, on streched canvas. Please visit the Gallery link below or click on each painting to learn more.

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