Mother Mary - 12
01 Mother Mary
The Black Madonna
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My dearest child...

Come let me take your hand
and I will lead you on a journey to find
the greatness of you.
For within your heart lies a light so bright
all who see it will see God.
I come to help you with my
boundless love, wiping away
all that keeps you from seeing
the greatness of your soul.
Come, My child, take my hand.

Mother Mary

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Original Painting (unframed) SOLD 8" x 8" $300
on stretched canvas    
Giclee Fine Art Prints* (unframed) 8" x 8" $120
on stretched canvas 12" x 12" $160
  16" x 16" $200
  20" x 20" $250
  24" x 24" $300
Special Order Original Painting 8" x 8" $300
(If your original choice is marked sold but you'd like your own original that's in the same style)    
Exclusive Commissioned Painting 8" x 8" $500
(No Giclees of your exclusive painting will be printed.)    

*Each Giclee Print is hand signed, numbered and personally hand gold leafed by Susan.

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Mother Mary 12 - The Black Madonna

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Painting Details

Acrylics on 8" x "8 Stretched Cotton Canvas. Painted, signed, numbered and gold leafed personally by Susan.

I love the beautiful face of this Black Madonna. I started this painting with a bit of fear and trepidation as I was entering a new realm of color. Thanks goes to master artist Randy Pijoan who pointed me in the right direction and gave me the courage to give her a go.

Hi Susan,

I just received the 3 Mother Marys that I ordered and I must say that the Black Madonna is SO AMAZING!! The other two are wonderful also and I tried to figure out in what order to hang them. I think I will put the Black Madonna in the middle of the other two. As soon as I hang them, I will send you a photo, Susan.

I think I will gaze at them again before I go to bed - will make me feel safe and loved.

Thank you so much, Susan!

Much love to you,
Stephanie P.
Port Chester, NY

Susan's Blog

I've always had a facination with with the Black Madonna since watching the movie "The Secret Life of Bees." Set in the American South in 1964, the year of the Civil Rights Act and intensifying racial unrest, "The Secret Life of Bees” is a coming-of-age story which addresses the difficulty of loss and betrayal. A statue of the Black Madonna plays a signicant role in the story.

The 14-year-old Lily, struggles with the loss of her mom—who she accidentally killed at the age of three. The inner stuggle of that secret she holds molds who she has become. She can not forgive herself until she can release and make peace with her dark pain.

The original Black Madonnas are either a statue or painting of Mary in which she is depicted with dark skin, especially those created in Europe in the medieval period or earlier. Black Madonnas have provem themselves as devotional aids within ecclesial life over the course of centuries. Many of these images have received approval from ecclesiastical authority in light of the divine approval manifested by well-attested miracles

The archetype of the Black Madonna is dark and calls us into the darkness. Darkness is something we need to embrace and love within ourselves—our fears have caused us to be afraid of the dark and distant from it.

Yet, embracing and loving the dark is key to our spiritual growth. As long as we are at war with our imperfections, they can not be healed. Mother Mary has taught me that, "You can not heal, that which you do not love.”

The Black Madonna invites us into the dark parts of ourselves and therefore in the depths of our being. Believe it or not, this is where Divinity lies. It is where the true self lies. It is where illusions are broken apart when we stand face-to-face with the darkness within our being.

She calls us to that darkness and she goes there with us. She encourages us to be at home there, in the presence of our deep, black, unsolveable darkness. Her love accepts us and our dark parts that are unhealed. The journey into self is the hero's journey. It is a transformative journey that awakens the soul to its divinity.

I call this journey into the dark part of the self the Dark Night of the Soul. It is a brave journey few are willing to take. Yet if we choose not to go there, life will take us there whether we are ready, or not.

The dark is a great teacher. It is our friend and Divine Love resides even in the dark. The dance of life moves us into the dark and out again changed forever because when we have learned we can accept and forgive our own darkness, then we have understanding and compassion for those who are running away from the dark self.

May we each be willing to welcome into our embrace the wounded self, the dark self, the imperfect self just the way The Black Madonna has, by loving us to the core of our being and only seeing our light within.

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