Mother Mary - 10
01 Mother Mary
I Call You My Own
Original SOLD/Prints Available

My dearest child...

My heart can hardly contain my joy,
because of you.
It is with deepest pleasure to welcome
you into my embrace.
Your greatness and goodness are beyond words.
I share fullly of my heart to help you
awaken to your divinity.
Dance with joy, my child,
for your heart is coming home
and I welcome you with open arms.

Mother Mary

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Original Painting (unframed) SOLD 8" x 8" $300
on stretched canvas    
Giclee Fine Art Prints* (unframed) 8" x 8" $120
on stretched canvas 12" x 12" $160
  16" x 16" $200
  20" x 20" $250
  24" x 24" $300
Special Order Original Painting 8" x 8" $300
(If your original choice is marked sold but you'd like your own original that's in the same style)    
Exclusive Commissioned Painting 8" x 8" $500
(No Giclees of your exclusive painting will be printed.)    

*Each Giclee Print is hand signed, numbered and personally hand gold leafed by Susan.

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Mother Mary 10 - I Call You My Own

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Painting Details

Acrylics on 8" x "8 Stretched Cotton Canvas. Painted, signed, numbered and gold leafed personally by Susan.

This Mary has more of a Mediterranian feel with the darker skin tones. Her matter-of-fact look seems to say, "You are mine!”

Hi Susan,

I just received the 3 Mother Marys that I ordered and I must say that the Black Madonna is SO AMAZING!! The other two are wonderful also and I tried to figure out in what order to hang them. I think I will put the Black Madonna in the middle of the other two. As soon as I hang them, I will send you a photo, Susan.

I think I will gaze at them again before I go to bed - will make me feel safe and loved.

Thank you so much, Susan!

Much love to you,
Stephanie P.
Port Chester, NY

Susan's Blog

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I Trust

Look to the Star
Call upon Mary!
In danger, in difficulty
or in doubt,
think of Mary,
call upon Mary,
Keep her name on your lips,
Never let it pass
out of your
heart. Following
in her footsteps,
you will not go astray:
praying to her,
you will not
fall into despair:
thinking of her
you will not err.
While she keeps hold
of your hand,
you will not fall ...
you will not grow weary ...
you will have no fear ...
Enjoying her protection,
you will reach the goal.

(Saint Bernard)


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