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My dearest child...

I am your heartbeat, I am your smile.
I am close to you, for you are my child.
I am you Mother who loves each breath you take,
for you are my beloved, whom I will not forsake.
I hold you in my heart, my child, I hold you in my love.
For you are created in holiness and purity from above.
I will never fail you, My love is constant and true.
Becasue I hornor every part of the magnificent
wonder of you!

Mother Mary

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Original Painting (unframed) SOLD 8" x 8" $300
on stretched canvas    
Giclee Fine Art Prints* (unframed) 8" x 8" $120
on stretched canvas 12" x 12" $160
  16" x 16" $200
  20" x 20" $250
  24" x 24" $300
Special Order Original Painting 8" x 8" $300
(If your original choice is marked sold but you'd like your own original that's in the same style)    
Exclusive Commissioned Painting 8" x 8" $500
(No Giclees of your exclusive painting will be printed.)    

*Each Giclee Print is hand signed, numbered and personally hand gold leafed by Susan.

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Mother Mary 04 - Mother of All

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Painting Details

Acrylics on 8" x "8 Stretched Cotton Canvas. Painted, signed, numbered and gold leafed personally by Susan.

This painting is a blend of folk art moving toward a more realistic style. The folds of fabric and dance of light with the colors was fun to play around with. This Mother Mary has the feel of a Spanish heritage or perhaps even Native American.

Hi Susan,

The painting has arrived! The painting is beautiful!!! You did a wonderful job! When I opened it up and looked into Mother Mary's eyes I cried (as usual). I could feel all her love coming into my heart and I just wept and expanded.

Thank you so much. I hope everyone who buys a painting gets as much from it as I do.

Keep up the good work.

Love and Hugs,
Judy G.
Bridgeport, CT

Susan's Blog

When my husband Milt and I were asked to create the Casa de Santa Maria—a non-denominational, non-religion affiliated healing spiritual sanctuary, the first thing Mother Mary requested was to find a Native-American to carve a totem statue of her to be placed in the center of her garden as a sign of welcome to people of all beliefs, or no beliefs.

Lee Wallace, a master totem carver of the Haidi Tribe of Alaska, was commissioned to carve the totem statue of Mother Mary. And, how appropriate, because the mission she gave us was to, "Introduce her love to all her children.” In some small way it felt as if it was her way of offering reparations to those early native peoples who suffered under the hand of religious zealots.

That is what I love most about Mother Mary that she is the Mother of All. No matter what creed, race, career or lifestyle. She welcomes all into her loving embrace. She welcomed me even when I didn't even believe in her importance.

It took almost two years for Lee Wallace to find what he felt was the proper Alaskan Western Red Cedar tree worthy of this project - and then to proceed to carve her. It was well worth the wait and the 10.5' totempole carving now stands proudly, since September of 2008, at the center of Mother Mary's Garden (click the link to see pictures of the totempole statue of Mother Mary).

When the statue arrived and we first uncrated her, both Milt and I were moved to tears at the beautiful native-like face that peered back at us. The carving truly represented her as the Mother of All.

Often when folks come to visit the garden they are also moved to tears, because of her loving presence you feel as you enter the embrace of the garden. She has promised us that her presence would reside at the garden. And it does and most folks can feel the love.

One of the first things I learned from Mother Mary was to let go of judgement. It is amazing how much we judge not only ourselves but others, others of different faiths, races, or financial means. You name it, most of us tend to judge that which is different from us.

What Mother Mary askes of us to to “Just Love.” To look for the divinity in everyone and all things. Especially, those that see the world differently from us. It often takes opening our hearts and looking past appearance to see the real beauty in all.

Thank you Mother Mary for showing us how to Love the All.

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