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My Mother Original SOLD/Prints Available

My dearest child...

It is with tender and loving arms
I am holding you close to my heart.
I am whispering to you of my love,
reminding you of how very special you are
to me, and the heart of your Divine Father.
Your heart is like a budding rose,
and I come to nourish and cherish you,
so that when your heart is fully opened,
all will see the beauty hidden within.

Mother Mary

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Original Painting (unframed) SOLD 8" x 8" $300
on stretched canvas    
Giclee Fine Art Prints* (unframed) 8" x 8" $120
on stretched canvas 12" x 12" $160
  16" x 16" $200
  20" x 20" $250
  24" x 24" $300
Special Order Original Painting 8" x 8" $300
(If your original choice is marked sold but you'd like your own original that's in the same style)    
Exclusive Commissioned Painting 8" x 8" $500
(No Giclees of your exclusive painting will be printed.)    

*Each Giclee Print is hand signed, numbered and personally hand gold leafed by Susan.

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Mother Mary 02 - My Mother

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Painting Details

Acrylics on 8" x "8 Stretched Cotton Canvas. Painted, signed, numbered and gold leafed personally by Susan.

I feel the mission of these paintings are to not only showcase Mother Mary in many different ways and styles, but also to share her love messages to her children—yes, that means you too!

I love the strength of and how regal this Mary appears. I am so thankful to my mentor Randy Pijoan for taking me under his wing and showing me how to be comfortable with going to the dark side of shading and to be bold with the use of color.

Hi Susan,

I just received the 3 Mother Marys that I ordered and I must say that the Black Madonna is SO AMAZING!! The other two are wonderful also and I tried to figure out in what order to hang them. I think I will put the Black Madonna in the middle of the other two. As soon as I hang them, I will send you a photo, Susan.

I think I will gaze at them again before I go to bed - will make me feel safe and loved.

Thank you so much, Susan!

Much love to you,
Stephanie P.
Port Chester, NY

Susan's Blog

Since my first encounter with Mother Mary, in 2001 in Medjugorje, Bosnia, she continues to speak to me in the quiet place of my heart. All I need do is put my focus on her, quiet my mind, and she comes with her blessings and love. She reminds me I am her child and I am loved. She taught me how to love myself. It took some time, but she helped me heal my broken heart. She will help you too if you ask.

One day she asked, “Share my words, and my love, with all my children until they can hear my voice for themselves.” These paintings and this website is part of fulfilling her request. It is easy to serve her because she has loved me—even when I thought I was unlovable.

When she first introduced herself to me, I naively said, “But I’m not Catholic!” Her quick response, “Neither am I!” Perhaps the Catholic church was first to honor her, but that does not negate the fact that everyone is her child, if they choose to be.

Mother Mary lives within your own heart. It is there you will find her waiting to answer your call for guidance, wisdom and understanding. It is there you will find her peace, love and joy. Those who seek her will find her, and in my case, sometimes she will come whether you have asked or not.

If you have asked and have not experienced her voice or presence yet, be patient. She will come in her own time and way. She will come in a way that is perfect for you. Before you hear her loving guidance, she may first take you on a healing journey to find your own heart. If you do not feel her presence yet, it does not mean she is not there. When you call, she will come to you even if you are unaware.

Her reason for coming into our lives is to help us love ourselves the way God loves us — unconditionally. When we are able to understand the powerful, healing love God has for us, we no long fear coming into the Divine Father’s presence. We are welcomed by God, and Mother Mary, with open arms, without judgement. More importantly, Mother Mary teaches us how to let go of judging ourselves and to see our own beauty and divinity.

My desire and prayer is that you will find the healing presence of your Divine Mother as you read her loving messages and gaze upon the paintings she has asked me to share with you—her beloved child. When you open yourself to the Divine Mother’s love, she will transform your life to peace, joy and love.

I am so thankful for Mother Mary taking me under her wing and showing me how to love even the darkest parts of myself. My wish for you is that you may feel the love of Mother Mary as I have and know that you have been created as Love (warts and all)!

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